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What IS a Blockchain Developer? (Start Here)

Need to hire Blockchain talent, but new to the industry? Not sure what makes Blockchain developers different from other engineers? Learn the basics here.

How to Recruit Blockchain Developers

Demand for Blockchain Developers is white hot! Startup CTOs and corporate recruiters need to adapt to attract the best talent. Learn how.

Where to Find Blockchain Developers

The most skilled developers who can build Blockchain systems are uncommonly talented, and particularly hard to find. Here’s where to look.

We specialize in:

• Blockchain Developers
• Cybersecurity Experts
• System Architects
• Data Scientists
• Cryptographers
• P2P System designers
• Back End Engineers
• Full Stack Engineers
• UX/UI Designers
• DevOps Specialists
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About Block Recruiters Inc

We have over more than 100 cumulative years of experience recruiting CTOs, Senior Software Architects, Application Developers and Technology Marketing Staff for some of the biggest names in tech. With staff in key technology epicenters from San Francisco to Tel Aviv, we specialize in high-demand sectors including Blockchain, Cybersecurity and Data Science. We also place general software developers in SaaS, Mobile Technology, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality, E-commerce and other sectors.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really find developers?

Yes! Our expert recruiters have been doing this a long time. Recruiting top technology talent is ALL we do. Our tactics for identifying and attracting the right candidate are the results of this focus. We’ll tell you up-front how long it’s going to take, how much it’s going to cost and how confident we are of success, based on your organization and the role sought. Whether for short-term contracts or permanent placements, we find the best candidates available in the market today.

How long does it take to find developers?

Your search for technology staff depends upon the clarity of your priorities and the scarcity of the role. Our database of thousands of talented technologists and our process of courting currently engaged developers ensures that we have a fresh funnel of candidates to meet your staffing needs. Furthermore, we are on top of the “breeding grounds” for new talent. We use a range of tactics that varies according to location, organization, mission and role, but typically we can start presenting candidates that match your requirements in as little as 2-3 weeks.

How does the recruitment process work?

If you are curious about our services, contact us. We’ll arrange a phone call so that we can understand your organization, sector and recruitment needs. We’ll be up-front with you about whether we think we can help or not. A recruiter will deep-dive your technical and cultural needs, probe for potential solutions that we know have worked for other clients and build a search strategy. Usually there is no up-front fee. For permanent placements we are compensated with a bounty based on the successful candidate’s first year package. If you prefer a corp-to-corp or contract-to-perm arrangement, we will agree on an hourly rate and bill you for the length of the contract

What markets do you serve?

While we serve the global technology market, our focus is on North America.

Block Recruiters

The number of Blockchain job postings increased at least fourfold in 2017, and is expected to rise further and faster in 2018. Bloomberg Law tapped industry authority Block Recruiters Inc. as a source for its statistics-packed article on the Blockchain industry skills gap and what Blockchain employers can do to find coveted Blockchain developers. Read the full article here.

CNBC logo

Companies are scrambling to find applicants who understand blockchain. Job listings related to the technology on LinkedIn are surging, with more than 2,000 current positions available. “There are currently 14 blockchain developer positions available for every one blockchain developer,” said Katheryn Griffith Hill, lead recruiter at Block Recruiters Inc, a staffing company. Read the full article here.

A wave of crypto startups raised capital before even having a product. Now many of them are attempting to build teams of developers at the same time, but the hiring is proving a challenge.” The Blockchain recruiting expertise of Block Recruiters , Inc was tapped by the Wall Street Journal for its report on the escalation of the Blockchain talent war. Read the full article here.

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